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Trick or Treet - ShmooCon 2016 Edition

Urbane is once again sponsoring ShmooCon this upcoming year, and we have a number of ShmooCon tickets to give away before registration even opens! That’s right, this is your chance to secure a ShmooCon ticket without having to race to solve the captcha faster than anyone else.

Week 1 - Hashtag Wars

Congrats to @TheSweetKat for winning Week 1’s Ticket!

It’s 11:59 and 59 seconds, and it’s time for this week’s Hashtag War!

The theme? #InfosecSongs

Simply follow @UrbaneSec, add some security flavor to an already popular song title or lyric, and tweet with #InfosecSongs.

Examples include “I’ve got 0x63 problems and Domain Admin Ain’t One” or “Pwn me Maybe?” (Carly Rae Jepsen) or “Light My Fire-wall” (by The D00r5) or “This one for them hacker, girls, Them good hacks straight masterpieces, Stylin’, pwning, busticati up in the city” (to the tune of Uptown Funk)

Rules? Tweets must include #InfosecSongs and be posted by a public account by 23:59 Central on October 11th, 2015. Winner will be selected by whichever one makes us yell POINTS the loudest, which is entirely random. We’ll announce the winner on October 12th, 2016. Winner will receive a shmoocon ticket for ShmooCon 2016 and not have to race to get theirs. Posts must be original in nature and, if we catch you rehashing old ones, will just be ignored and no points awarded.

Week 2 - Knock Knock

Congrats to @sibios for winning Week 2’s Ticket! The challenge is now offline.

Who’s there? When the SHMOO moose comes a knocking, a ticket comes a rockin.

Find the winning secret at [removed as contest is closed] ;)

Week 3 - You’re a Poet, You Know It!

Congrats to Bill Pelletier for winning Week 3’s Ticket!

It’s time for a brief pause to enjoy some poetry.

For week 3’s contest, your job is to write a short poem or rhyme about ShmooCon, Hackery, or other related things.

It must be original. It must be from you. The one that makes us smile the most wins. There is no length requirement.

E-mail those short poems to by 23:59 October 25th for your chance to win the 3rd ShmooCon ticket we’re giving away.


It’s definitely a Treat! Our last ShmooCon ticket give away is a good ole fashioned Halloween Costume Contest! You have until 11:59 PM EST Monday, November 2nd to send us a photo of your Halloween Costume from THIS year.

How? E-Mail your Halloween costume photo or a link to said photo to along with your handle and/or twitter or tweet @UrbaneSec with a link and #SendMeToShmoo. We’ll announce the winner of November 3rd!

Rules: Must be you and your costume, must be from this year, and must be a photo of some sort. Winner will be decided again by a panel who call themselves experts in Halloween and candy. Entries must be received by 11:59pm EST, not timestamped (nice try). By sending us your photo, you give us permission to post it publicly given we cite credit.