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Compliance Assessments

The Goal

The independent validation of adherence to industry standards to demonstrate compliance.

Our Method

Provide an in-depth technical review of environments, procedures, and policies while leveraging modern technology to increase the efficiency of the assessment across multiple compliance standards simultaneously for technically complex environments.

The Result

An independent assessment and report that demonstrates the organization's adherence to the controls outlined by the standard.

Assessment Methods

Changing "Audit" into an Assessment, Urbane focuses on minimizing the headache and frustration historically associated with third party audits. To achieve this, Urbane offers the following services.

Independent Third Party Assessments

As becoming increasingly required by customers, Urbane provides independent assessment reports of the organization’s adherence to a compliance standards. These reports detail the methods the organization undergoes to address the required controls as well as identifies any gaps or compensating controls that may be utilized within the environments.

Multiple Standard Cross-Assessment

When adherence to multiple standards is required by a diverse set of clients, Urbane can provide a single assessment against multiple standards. This process streamlines evidence gathering, interviews, and technical assessments into a single review to increase efficiencies and address the full state of organizational compliance.

Compliance Standards

Urbane excels in delivery with a diverse set of regulatory and compliance standards, including:


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard focuses on the security of cardholder data through 12 key requirements and is required for both merchants and service providers handling cardholder data.


The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a comprehensive, prescriptive, and certifiable framework that covers multiple domains of sensitive and regulated data.


The Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a US law that covers the confidentiality and integrity of patient medical data, affecting those providing medical services.

ISO 27001/27002/27017/27018

ISO's standards provide a globally recognized set of requirements for organizations and cloud providers' information security programs.


The Service Organization Control 2 report by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides review of the security and privacy controls of an organization.

EU-US Privacy Shield

As a replacement for US-EU safe harbor, the EU-US Privacy Shield requirements govern protection and confidentiality of personally identifiable information of EU citizens by US companies.


From the US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST SP 800 standards focus on information security and enterprise risk management.


As a relatively new standard, the Cloud Security Alliance's Security, Trust, & Assurance Registry provides a self assessment and third party assessment certification for security of cloud platforms.


The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, enforced by the US Federal Trade Commission, focuses on the security and integrity of consumer financial and personal information.


For service providers providing solutions to the public sector, the Federal Information Security Management Act provides requirements for systems hosting government information and services against threats.


Managed by the US General Services Administration, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program provides a security assessment standard for cloud products and services.

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Urbane demonstrates our founding principles in every engagement through attention to the details, modern techniques, and strong union with our clients.

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