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SDLC Security Integration

The Goal

Improve resiliency to attack methods used against development teams and the custom applications they are developing.

Our Method

Integrate with development teams and equip them with efficiencies in processes to reduce the impact of security controls both in the development process and code itself ensuring an embraced adoption of the additional controls.

The Result

A tailored set of changes to the software development lifecycle focused on current culture, toolsets, and improvement to security.

Development Life Cycle Improvements

Covering the wide range of the software development lifecycle, Urbane provides security integration and improvements in the following key areas.

Developer Security Education

Providing both in-person and on-line training, Urbane provides tailored developer security training for languages used to develop in as well as tailored to organization’s development processes. This training helps address numerous compliance standard requirements while also improving the awareness for best practices in their development processes to prevent the introduction of security weaknesses in the requirements, design, and build stages of development.

Development Architecture Security Review

Evaluating and improving current development technology architectures, Urbane brings expert experience in traditional, agile, and developer operation teams’ cultures to evaluate the technical security controls protecting source code and development environments. With this, Urbane reviews code repositories, integration testing, automated deployment, and developer system security from a white-box perspective to reduce the risk of organizational or intellectual property compromise.

SDLC Process Review and Design

Focusing at the processes and procedures for development processes, Urbane reviews current Software Development Lifecycle procedures within organizations and assist in creating or aligning them to modern industry standards while integrating necessary security controls to improve the custom developed applications' resiliency to attack.

The Urbane Difference

Innovative. Sophisticated. Refined.

Urbane demonstrates our founding principles in every engagement through attention to the details, modern techniques, and strong union with our clients.

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