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HITRUST CSF Assessments

The Goal

Partner with teams who want to achieve HITRUST CSF compliance and obtain a Self-Assessment or Validated Assessment.

Our Method

Streamline the process in-depth reviews and technical interviews of implemented systems with members of our compliance and technical associates to understand how in-place security controls meet the requirements for organizations to attain HITRUST Certification.

The Result

A clear assessment resulting in either a HITRUST CSF Self-Assessment or Validated Assessment Report with accompanying Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), as needed.

Assessment Types

Addressing unique, large-scale, global, and technically diverse cardholder data processing environments and team cultures, Urbane's highly technical HITRUST assessment team focuses on in-depth reviews of environments as follows.

HITRUST Pre-Assessment

In an effort to help clients prior to investing the time and effort necessary to complete a full HITRUST assessment, Urbane’s Pre-Assessment allows your organization to work alongside a HITRUST Certified CSF Practitioner (CCSFP). The Pre-Assessment helps you determine the scope of the assessment, the type of report that makes sense for your organization, and technical discussion and review of current controls. The result includes clear steps for remediation, specifically tailored to your organization with the goal of being able to complete either a Self- or Validated Assessment.

HITRUST Self-Assessment

The HITRUST self-assessment was designed to help determine how closely controls currently align with the HITRUST CSF and can potentially save organizations time and money before attempting to undergo the full certification process. By partnering with Urbane, you can gain confidence in the capacity your organization meets HITRUST CSF requirements and work with an experienced CCSFP to answer your questions and guide you in the process.

HITRUST Validated Assessment

For an organization to become HITRUST certified, they must undergo a HITRUST validated assessment with a CCSFP, who performs testing and validation of how controls meet the requirements outlined by the HITRUST CSF. Urbane has a team of experienced associates with their CCSFP who are able to provide guidance on best practices for control implementation, guide you through every step of the certification process, and provide recommendations for areas of non-compliance in the form of CAPs that make sense for your environment.

HITRUST Interim Assessment

As required by HITRUST for all validated assessments, an interim assessment must be completed before one year following certification. Whether or not we performed the initial assessment, Urbane is available to perform the interim assessment and determine the controls in place are still effective as well as evaluate progress against any Corrective Action Plans that were created during the initial validation process.

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