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Physical and Social Engineering

The Goal

Identify specific weaknesses in security awareness training, endpoint security, and physical controls to improve resilience to targeted digital and non-digital attacks.

Our Method

Use the latest in psychology, vulnerabilities, and physical attacks to ethically attempt to convince employees to provide sensitive information, perform actions resulting in outsider access, or to use non-destructive means to bypass physical security controls.

The Result

Urbane provides assessment reporting that includes:

  • Detailed Findings and Observations
  • Tailored Remediation Strategies
  • Remediation Validation Testing

Testing Scopes

Urbane focuses testing to simulate actual risks of concern to the organization. As such, Urbane focuses their physical and social engineering exercises on the following methods of testing.

Red Team Engagements

Considered as "by any non-destructive method necessary", Urbane's Red Team Engagements throw the entire range of Urbane specialties to assess the security of digital, physical, and social resources with the goal of gaining access to sensitive information. Starting from unauthenticated external attacks and escalating to physical, these assessments focus on escalation of "risk of capture" for a would-be attacker, including external, social, wireless, and physical testing.

Social Engineering Exercises

Focusing on testing the success of security awareness in an organization, Urbane performs targeted social engineering against employees via E-Mail, phone, social networks, and postal mail to test specific risk concerns. Tests are tailored to the organization, and may include credential harvesting, sensitive information gathering, privilege escalation, and endpoint security testing.

Physical Access Control Review

Using non-destructive methods to attempt to bypass security controls, Urbane performs both guided physical security controls as well as unannounced attempted breaches to assess the security of RFIDs, door locks, camera coverage, building layouts, and on-site security.

The Urbane Difference

Innovative. Sophisticated. Refined.

Urbane demonstrates our founding principles in every engagement through attention to the details, modern techniques, and strong union with our clients.

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