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Other - Chicago, Illinois


Do you love what you do for a career? Do you want to? Think you have what it takes to join the Urbane team but don't see an open role for your position?

Urbane is seeking the most talented, driven, and intelligent people to join our team to help secure the largest and most interesting organizations, platforms, and products in the world. From large-scale cloud platforms to the newest mobile applications; global financial processing to regional healthcare providers; cutting edge devops environments to traditional corporate enterprises - Urbane is called on to help organizations face unique, highly technical, and critical challenges.

While an open role may not be listed for your skillset and expertise, we're always open to hearing from those who are driven to join the Urbane team and leverage their skills and passion to imporve the team. This includes not only technical delivery-centric roles, but also the operational and non-technical roles needed to make Urbane the best in the industry.

With Urbane you'll have the power to make a difference and face real challenges: improving environments security, advising teams on the most effective ways to address the core security problems, and address real security problems. Challenges vary week to week and provide a wealth of experience.

Sound like an exciting challenge and a cause you can get behind? Read on.

Who Is Urbane?

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in the land of da Bears, da Bulls, da Delays at O'Hare, and winters leaving you wondering why you haven't moved yet, Urbane is an information security firm focused on elevating the level of security and compliance through uniquely tailored highly-technical engagements. Engaging with a wide array of customers from Fortune to start-ups, our portfolio is never without opportunity to challenge personal skillsets and grow within the organization.

What's In It For You?

  • Competitive Salary.
  • Standard benefit packages, including Medical/Dental/Vision, paid vacation time, 401k plan, and reimbursable internet/phone/gym plans.
  • Training and professional development stipends (yes, this includes conferences!).
  • Annual team meetings and occasional team events, including BlackHat / DEF CON week.
  • Exotic Travel Locations (like Omaha!)
  • Captivating challenges, meaningful work, and ability to grow, both intellectually and within the company.

Up for the challenge?

To apply to join the Urbane team, please email Join Us @ with the following:

  • Email Subject containing the role you're applying for - The link below will assist in creating a sample email.
  • Current Resume - Please attach your current resume in PDF outlining your expereince, skills, and knowledge.
  • Who _YOU_ are - Generic cover letters are boring and a guaranteed route to rejection. Introduce yourself to us and outline what makes you unique, skilled, or otherwise interesting. Bonus points for outlining your personal passions or projects (whether it be technology, coffee, music, cooking, travel, athletics, outdoors, crafting, aviation, sailing, or other).
  • What does it mean to you to be "Urbane" - Our team provides a top-tier level of delivery, both in technical abilities and in service. Briefly outline what you'll do to make your work "Urbane" in quality.

If you do not receive a response within two weeks, feel free to check in again with our team to ensure we received your application. All of us at Urbane look forward to hearing from you!

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