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Offensive Security Solutions

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For an organization to fully secure itself, it needs to have a real-world understanding of its external and internal threats, as well as the steps required to ensure the proper operation of its deployed security technologies. Through its defensive and offensive security solutions, Urbane Security works with an organization’s security teams to improve resilience against external and internal threats, discover security weaknesses in its existing scenario, and ultimately provide vendor agnostic recommendations and partner to either update or deploy technologies that are prioritized and tested to the organization’s unique requirements.


Network Penetration Testing

Focusing on the exposed services, networks, and configurations, network penetration testing (also known as Ethical Hacking) simulates an attacker attempting to gain access to a network and its services.

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Application Penetration Testing

The goal of application penetration tests are to analyze the logic and operation of exposed applications, as an attacker would, in attempt to access sensitive data, compromise a system, or bypass logic controls.

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Social and Physical Testing

The first line of defense in any organization’s security is its end users and, as such, regular awareness campaigns and testing keep users apprised of numerous threats.

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Insider Threat Assessments

Deeply integrating into an organization’s development and project management teams, Urbane's SDLC security program adds security expertise into the various steps of the process to reduce cost and security risks throughout the entire lifecycle.

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IOT Device and Platform Testing

Testing the “what if” when a device falls into the wrong hands, Urbane's Internet of Things testing analyzes the security controls of a device, connected applications, and data being gathered.

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