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ShmooCon 2017

Urbane Java

At ShmooCon? Join us upstairs at Suite 2101 for our pop-up coffee bar on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Test Your Skill

Join us at the Urbane table for a heated 4 player head to head game of Simon. High scores each day will win great prizes. Find your Urbane Gaming Card in your ShmooCon bag and head on over!

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Trick or Treet - ShmooCon 2016 Edition

Urbane is once again sponsoring ShmooCon this upcoming year, and we have a number of ShmooCon tickets to give away before registration even opens! That’s right, this is your chance to secure a ShmooCon ticket without having to race to solve the captcha faster than anyone else.

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The 5 Days of ShmooCon Tickets

Tis the time of the year, when boys and girls gather around their computers, waiting for the clock to strike 12. They furiously press F5, Apple-R, and BOTNET_ACTIVATE.exe in hopes of having the quickest fingers and the lowest ping to get one of a few golden tickets. But alas, many are not quick enough or are forgetful of such a holiday. It’s a holiday of dedication, sacrafice, and passion. It’s ShmooCon Ticket Season!

But alas, for those who overslept their alarms, couldn’t connect on GoGo, or “had to work”, Urbane has a holiday gift for you!

Five Days. Five Challenges. Five ShmooCon Tickets.

The Rules

As Urbane is sponsoring ShmooCon, we have a few extra tickets. Winning one is easy…..ish.

  • Every weekday for 5 days starting December 17th, Urbane will post one challenge on this page and announce the update via our twitter account (@UrbaneSec).
  • Follow the challenge instructions on this page for that day. Submission and winner varies based upon challenge.
  • ….

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ShmooCon 2013 Ticket Giveaway

You heard right – Urbane has an extra ShmooCon ticket to give away, and in traditional give-away spirit, we’re throwing a mini-contest for it. Since time is limited, we’ll keep it fun, easily accessible, and fast.

The “How Do You Hack?” Photo Contest

We’ve seen 100s of horrid photos of hackers with their ski masks and their crazy GUIs. So it’s your turn to show peeps how you pwn (for real or for the lulz). So here’s how you win a free ShmooCon ticket:

  1. Take a photo of you, your setup, or the cool stuff you’ve been working on.
  2. Upload the photo online and submit a link using the form to the right –>
  3. . . . .

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